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Welcome to my Finance

my Finance is an application full web that gives you the chance to check your accounts as cash, bank account, credit card account, etc... To exploit this application are necessary some simple activities to adapt the application to your needs (set up).

Basic data set up

The preparatory activities to use the application are the definitions of accounts (cash, bank account, deposit account, credit card account, etc. ...), the categories of account movement, the subcategories of account movement, the possible beneficiaries of the movement, the default currency. To speed up this process when a user logs in and enters the first time in the application, are automatically created entries for all the items listed above. In particular, will be createad some accounts (cash, current account), are created categories and subcategories standard, is created as possible beneficiary the user who is registered, the default currency is set to euro. Of course you can change these default values​​.

Set up initial balances of the accounts

It is needed to set the balance for the day preceding the date on which you begin to record the movements. If necessary, you can set a new balance next, if you have not been able to register all the movements with precision. To determine the balance of an account at a set date in the reports, will be used the last balance preceding the date set plus the sum of all the movements subsequent to that balance.

Inserting movements and transfers

Once the set-up activities are completed, you are ready to enter the movement of accounts, in other words all operations that modify the balance of accounts. Essentially you should insert through the data entry page Movements account, the account involved, the subcategory of movement, the date and amount, plus any other non-mandatory information such as beneficiary and notes. The items which reduce the balances (expenses) shall be marked with a negative sign (-).
When the movement is a transfer from one account to another (for example an ATM withdrawal is a transfer from your checking account to cash) you could insert the two movements on two accounts with the same amount and opposite sign, or more efficiently, insert only a transfer. By inserting a transfer automatically are inserted two movements, by modifing a transfer automatically are modified the two movements associated, by deleting a transfer automatically will be deleted the two associated movements.


Using the page Reports you can view all reports of the application. The controls at the top of the page are the launch parameters of the reports. Each report uses specific parameters. If no parameters are set, the report uses the default values​​, for example the report on account balances uses today's date as default.