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Welcome to my Site Search

my Site Search is an application that allows you to search the Web sites based on the service offered, the geographical area, the keywords associated with the site, the languages ​​supported by the site and based on many other parameters. A site will be associated with a geographic area if speaks of that area or provides a service to the users who are located in that area.

It's possible to make a review of the site and of the different services offered by the site that will be useful for your future researches and the researches of оther users. In addition to the judgment of users there will be а review of the editors of the site. The personal assessments, the reviews of other users and of the editors of the site will be crucial in defining the research findings and will influence on the order of the results.

Another element of classification of the site will be availability of a mobile version for smartphones or the presence of apps for the most popular mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Microsoft).

Finally, it is possible to classify the services offered by the site based on the cost of the service (free, payment, partially free).

By registering on the site you can set your preferences in terms of language and geographical area, record your favorites sites, keep track of your reviews and its own research. Based on all these parameters and informations, the subsequent searches will be more precise.